Steps on how to write a final year project research without difficulty

Steps on how to write a final year project research without difficulty

Steps on how to write a final year project research without difficulty

What is a final project research?

A research project can be seen as an expansion of past work in a field. Research projects can be used to develop more knowledge about a topic, or in the example of a research project from the last year of school, they can be used to promote a student’s research prowess to prepare them for future work or reports.

To test the validity of instruments, procedures, or experiments, research can replicate elements from previous projects or from the project as a whole.

It consists of Proposal, Summary, Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Appendices, List of Abbreviations, Introduction, Literature Review, Data Analysis and Presentation, System Methodology and Analysis, System Implementation, Summary, Recommendation, Conclusion, References / Bibliography, Questionnaires, Software Screenshots and Source Codes.

In Nigerian institutions, including Universities, Polytechnics and Monotechnics (Faculties of Education), a research project is generally carried out in the last semester of the academic session of the last year. It has the largest unit of credit (up to 6) in most schools.

Because of this, each Nigerian student wants to make a distinction (A) to increase their overall academic performance of the degree program. Wouldn’t you also like to make a distinction? Sure you want Let’s take a look at how you can easily write a senior research project that makes a distinction.

A final year project represents a demonstration of a student’s ability to integrate the knowledge they acquired from more than one course and subject, to produce a final paper that shows their readiness to graduate.

In many cases, you must also demonstrate the ability to learn new skills on your own. However, the writing of your senior project must follow clear academic guidelines that also show: integrity, creativity, organization, and research skills.


Choosing a topic

Your theme will determine your project. It should be interesting and it should be something you really want to research. Therefore, never trust others for recommendations on what your research topic should be.

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Try to read and think a lot and you will find an area of ​​interest. Explore your inner self, even if it takes time. In a few weeks you will begin to gather your thoughts and realize what you are really interested in researching.

Choose a topic in an area with which you are comfortable. It is quite simple, really, you have been in your chosen field for four years or more, there must be an area that you particularly agree with; It has to be a topic that intrigues you, one that inherent challenges only excite your determination to solve.

Check out other projects with similar topic     

Read previous projects on the chosen topic. It is pertinent that after choosing your topic, preferably when you are one year from the last year, visit your faculty library and read projects that have been written on similar topics.

The idea is to gain clarity and perspective, you will discover your strengths, weaknesses, and flaws regarding that topic and you will also discover the best direction to take on your own project, taking advantage of your past mistakes to make yours the best.

What can I say, the world is not always fair, to move on, we have to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Have topics with similar backgrounds before approval

Organize the content analysis of the topic research before approval. You might wonder, do you know that supervisors have to approve topics first? I assure you, but it will be easy for you if all your topics have similar backgrounds, so that, regardless of the choice of topic approved, your initial research would not have been in vain.

Sometimes supervisors may ask you to choose the topic you want, and then ask you to bring in your analysis, proposal, or presentation the next day.

Do you want to start searching for content in the few remaining hours? I think not, so follow my advice and always be ahead of the game.

Use of Internet

The Internet is your most useful tool; Some schools’ physical libraries are barely updated with the latest research materials, thank God for the internet! You have a wealth of quality online research materials (books, audio, research, documents, news articles, etc. that you can refer to). Apply Google well and you will be amazed. Some printed books that concern your selected project topic are available online (for sale and free).

Use of an electronic device

It is apparent to have and electronic device. For those with laptops and phones, you can write directly instead of the stress of writing on paper and then typing later. However, this is related to predilection, because some people’s minds are sharper when they write on paper.

For high-tech users, you could use your mobile phone to type on cloud documents on Google docs, which is if you own a Google account, if you don’t; it’s very simple, you can to create one. And then there are other android apps for typing e.g., Kingsoft, WPS office, Microsoft office etc., while for those using desktop or laptop, you can install the Microsoft office word software and then type directly on your computer.

One advantage with the electronic device (mobile phone or computer) is that while browsing the internet you might come across a relevant information you might need, you can simply copy and paste on the Microsoft app and software

Think of a better research population location

Choose a reasonable location of your population / research methodology, you cannot choose the location of your population in a state other than your school, unless you like to travel or have a lot of money to invest in your project work.

Let the location of your population be in the same city for easy access. And let your research methodology be carefully chosen to align with your research topic, without the need for cumbersome research methods when you have a simple topic.

This won’t be easy but good things usually come from hard work and huge effort.

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Good luck in your project research.

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