Reasons why you need to study past questions before your upcoming exam

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Reasons why you need to study past questions before your upcoming exam

You might be asking yourself why you need to study past questions and answers against your  WAEC, JAMB and POST UTME. Well, preparing for exams is more than just reading the notes you took in class. It also involves knowing how the questions arise and the correct approach to answering them. Practicing with the WAEC, JAMB, POST UTME or SCHOOL EXAM past questions and answers can improve your chances of success. However, be aware that relying only on past questions is not advisable. As you study past questions, you should expect the following to happen:

Become familiar with the topics

There are some topics that the WAEC, JAMB, POST UTME or any other review body will tend to prefer more than others to thoroughly evaluate candidates. Although the JAMB syllabus, for example, contains all the topics of interest, there will still be those topics that are high on the list of questions. By paying more attention to popular topics, you will get ahead in your preparation.

From some computer analysis of past questions, it has been discovered that in Mathematics, questions about geometry, trigonometry, statistics, matrices, and differentiation occur more frequently. Also in English, questions about lexis and structure top the list. In chemistry, questions about organic compounds tend to always top the list. Popular topics like this can be discovered for other subjects when you study past questions.

You become familiar with the system

This is similar to discovering popular topics. WAEC, JAMB and POST UTME have some patterns to set up the exam questions. This is not something they advertise publicly or offer you after registering. Although, JAMB might have a less clear pattern now than they now consider computer-based exams.

It is suspected that on the JAMB CBT exam, you are more likely to select your questions randomly from a database of thousands of questions in such a way that two candidates sitting next to each other are guaranteed to see different questions.

However, the review works best when you practice what you will do on the exam. The past question and answer indicate some WAEC, JAMB and POST UTME trends and patterns or repeated questions that give you an idea of ​​the main pattern and possible question forms. You can take some of the model exams using our JAMB CBT practice platform to get a quick idea of ​​some of the trends.

It reduces the tension of the exam a little

Those who study past questions for any exam generally know that questions can sometimes be repeated on the same topic in a different year, with just a change in the sentence, figure, or choice. You can reach a state of self-preparedness when you try as many past questions as possible before taking any exam.

By studying past questions, you will know what to expect from WAEC, JAMB or POST UTME on various subjects and this will increase your self confidence for the exam. Candidates who experience a lot of stress on the exam do so because they have not studied enough past questions and are less comfortable with the nature of the exam.


You are not supposed to study just with your past questions, unless it might be a day or two for the exam to  begin. Let your textbook or study materials stay close to you as you try to ask questions. This will still help you learn more deeply as you fill your knowledge gaps. You can also use online resources to quickly read some concepts when you feel trapped.

Your study materials can help you obtain detailed information about the questions you received correctly, especially when you answered some correctly using guesswork. As you search your textbook, it will also help you cover other areas.

This will crystallize your preparation and gradually build confidence, and on JAMB, WAEC , POST UTME or any other exam, true confidence is very important.

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