Over 400 Staff Sacked – American University of Nigeria (AUN)

Over 400 Staff Sacked – American University of Nigeria (AUN)

What an unforgettable tragedy as The American University of Nigeria, AUN, laid off 406 employees in one day for bankruptcy and the institution’s inability to generate income.

Affected staff received a letter in their mail on May 4, ending their employment. AUN staff, who were affected by the bag and spoke anonymously, said they were not given prior notice.

The letter was signed by AUN President Dawn Dekle after holding several meetings with the institution’s board of directors. The administration of the institution gave reasons for the sack as a lack of income generation.

It was also deduced that academic activities were not really affected by the closure, since the students of the institution were sent home before the closing, finished their semester and wrote their exams online.

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