Is it Possible to upgrade my JAMB UTME result 2020?

Is it Possible to upgrade my JAMB UTME result 2020?

So many candidates which participated in the just concluded 2020 JAMB “especially those that didn’t do well” have been asking if it is possible to upgrade their JAMB score t reach the cut off mark so as to enable them enroll in the university of choice.

After reading this post you will get to know if JAMB upgrade it is possible or not.

you might have come across the following testimonies on the internet on how someone did an upgrade and succeeded. See examples bellow.

For example

I just checked the result of my jamb, it was 160, so I had no hope. I got Divine’s number online. I called Mr. Divine and explained that he helped me improve my score to 250. Now I am happy if you want to update your score. 081 ******** He is going to help you the way he helped me. God bless Mr. Divine.

WITHHELD Results and results below 180/200 can be updated to 213, 235 or 249. For more information, candidates can call 070 ***** *** only within the hours of 8am – 6pm  to see samples of other UPDATED candidate results.

All thanks to Mr. Joe for helping me update my JAMB last year if it wasn’t for his help, I would not have been in school now, so all jamb candidates if you are looking for a real jamb officer who can help you update your jamb just contact Mr. Joe the 081 ********

Thanks to Mrs sandra for helping me update my jamb, she is very genuine if I can say that he is a real helper if you need his help, call her at 081 ********

Jamb Official “This is very important Information for all jambites that scored below 180. From our database, we discovered that there was a massive failure this year, so because to this problem we are helping some students in updating their jamb result, therefore if Are you interested in updating your Jamb result, call the office line 081 ******** Mr. Ola Abuja

You must have encountered some of these messages before. Whenever you see something a message or a post like above, don’t even try to reach out to these people for help. They are fraudsters, people who want to divert your hard-earned money.

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With each passing day, hungry scammers are exhibiting online as Jamb agents; exploding and scaring the minds of innocent Jamb candidates. They will tell you that they are working with Jamb and can help you increase your score from less than 200 Jamb to 250 or more.

These people claim that they can update the results for those who did not get a cut up to the expected Jamb cut off mark. In fact, they present false evidence of the Jamb results that they have updated so far; These are all Photoshop.

Just as the Jamb exposure didn’t work in this era of the Jamb CBT update, neither does the Jamb update work. The Jamb Results Update is a scam and a myth. You have to be very careful.

Don’t send money or hard earned money from your parents to internet scammers in the name of Jamb’s score improvement. It may not have worked very well in JAMB; This does not prevent you from obtaining admission. There are schools (even federal universities) that accept low Jamb scores.

Even if your score is so low that you cannot be admitted to it, it is not the end of life. There is always room for improvement. Come back stronger next year and Jamb 2020 explodes.

Now, you might be wondering, how do those guys get a sample of the updated result they show the candidates? It’s Photoshop. They edit the result using computer software and send you the hard copy.

They even create fake Jamb sites for verification of results. Meanwhile, your result will not change on the Jamb website.

In conclusion, it is not possible to update your Jamb 2020 result to get a higher score. They scan the original results and change the ratings to make you think it was actually updated. Jamb 2020 results update will not work.

NOTE: Updating results cannot be possible after JAMB has sent a list of its successful candidates to its various institutions for POST UTME.


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