How to verify your admission on Imo State University (IMSU) student portal

How to verify your admission on Imo State University (IMSU) student portal

Are you a student of Imo State University (IMSU) and you don”t know how to verify your admission status, Divine Edu Portal got you covered.

Now that Imo State University, Owerri has successfully placed the names of its genuine admitted students online in the school portal, most students discovered that their names was not included online.

For those that their names was not included, this means that your admission is not genuine, which is often called faculty admission.

You might have checked your name and you did not see it, maybe its showing another persons name and you are very sure that your admission was genuine, this could be that your name was omitted or was mistaken with another persons name when the school was uploading your departmental names on the school portal. If you are in this category, you are safe but you need to do something which will be explained bellow to have your name uploaded online.

In this post you are going to learn how to verify your admission online on IMSU portal without stress of any kind and also for those that have legit admission and did not see their name, you will also be guided on what to do.

Reasons for checking your admission online

Bellow are the reasons for verifying your admission online

  1. To know if your admission was legit and not faculty admission
  2. To secure your admission
  3. To enable you create a student profile which is essential for every IMSU students.
  4. To enable you pay your school fees subsequently
  5. To enable you do you course registration every semester
  6. To view your results online

My admission is legit but could not find my name on the portal

For those that fall under this category, you dont have get trouble as we will guide you on the steps to follow

  • You have to get your admission letter ready, make sure its the new admission letter that has bar code on it

  • Also get your original jamb result the one with bar code. Then you proceed to
  • Writing a complaint letter  addressing your issue on it, make sure its typed

Download sample letter  bellow

After getting the documents ready, you take it to the admission block and lay your complaint to them and when they ask for your documents do not hesitate to give them.

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They will take your document for verification and ask you to check back after some weeks. When its done you now have to create your student profile which will enable you pay your school fees and do your online course registration as recommended by the school management.

How to check or verify your admission

For those that are yet to confirm their admission on the school portal, follow the steps bellow and have it done

  1. Click the the link bellow
  2. Click here to visit the IMSU students verification portal “for undergraduates”
  3. Click here to visit the IMSU students verification portal “for post graduates”
  4. Click on new student if you are a new student and then you enter your JAMB registration number
  5. Click on returning student if you are not a new student then enter your MAT number. Use this format eg. 2014/12345 instead of 14/12345. Note, the first four digit signifies your year of admission.
  6. Then submit.

If your name is there it will pop up and you will be asked to put your email, once you put your email and submit its going to bring out your full name, deparment and mat. no. beneath it you will see account details. The account details will be used for your student profile creation as it includes you user name and log in password, and once you are on that page means you are a legitimate candidate of IMO STATE UNIVERSITY.

How do i know if i have done the verification before

if you have done the verification before, the portal will not ask for your email and therefore take you to the last page where you will see your full name, department, mat. no and account details.

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