How to check if your name is on NYSC senate list – 2020

How to check if your name is on NYSC senate list – 2020

Are you aspiring to enroll for NYSC programme, and you have mobilized for the programme in your institution.

Below is how you can check if your school or institution actually sent your name to NYSC for them to upload on the senate list.

To check if your name is on the NYSC senate list, simply follow the steps enlisted bellow

Step 1

Click the link bellow to be redirected to NYSC senate list check portal

You will see something like this.

Step 2

  • Select your institution
  • Eenter your matric number
  • Enter your surename and lastly
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Click on search

NOTE: If you are using a lower grade smart, you may not be allowed to enter your date of birth. if you notice this don’t panic and simply submit it like that. Date of birth is not really necessary on this context.

If your name is on the list you will see a notification like the image down bellow

But if your name is not on the list your name is notified above with the following messeage “your record was not found, contact your school”

NOTE: If your name is not on the NYSC senate that mean you are not qualified to register for the programme and therefore you have to contact your Institution.

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