How to calculate your result GP with diagram “Imo State University (IMSU)”

How to calculate your result GP with diagram “Imo State University (IMSU)”

While some student knows how to calculate their GPA and CGPA, many still don’t know how to calculate it.

Continue reading as we will guide you with a diagram on how to calculate your result GPA and CGPA without Stress or calling for help.

I was prompted to post this because I get the question from my client from time to time. “How can I calculate my GP?” most especially the new students (fresher’s)

As a student of Imo State University, you are supposed to be familiar with calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

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What is GPA

GPA means Grade Point Average, GPA is calculating your result Grade for just semester.

What is CGPA

CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average, and this is the situation when you are calculating your grade for more than one semester, unlike the GPA which is calculating for one semester alone.

Most students calculate their CGPA when they graduate from school as all their result will be ready then, and this is mostly calculated after graduation because it enables the student know what he or she is graduating with, eg. Second class lower/upper or First class.

Importance of calculating GP

Below it the reason you might want calculate your GP

  1. To know if you are doing well in your papers.
  2. It makes a student buckle up for next exam.
  3. It enables a student know their class level eg. first class or second class.
  4. It enables student to work hard, read more and do their assignments in time.

Determination of performance level

A candidates raw score in an examination, usually expressed as a percentage, is converted into grades which which are weighted by being assigned points value.

The following ranges of marks and their corresponding grades and points weighing are to be used:

Raw Score

Grade Equivalent Point Weighing Performance Rating
70%-100% A Distinction 5
60%-69% B Very good 4
50%-59% C Good 3
45%-49% D Fair 2


E Pass


0%-39% F Fail


A, B, C, D, E, are pass grades while “F” is a failure grade and therefore the student must re-write the course. It is the responsibility of the department/Faculty Boards to determine how lecturer within the department/faculty arrives at the grades

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Computation of GPA and CGPA

  1. All courses taken by a student in a session shall be used in the computation of his Cumulative Grade Point average (CGPA). The final grade where a course is carried over or repeated, for whatever reason, shall be the average of all the grades.
  2. To compute the Grade Point Average (GPA) for a candidate, the total aggregate of the Grade Points is divided by the number of semester units. A grade point is obtained by multiplying the point scored in each with the number of semester units assigned to the course.

Diagram of Well Calculated GPA

Course Semester Units Grade Score Grade Point
GST 101 2 A 2×5=10
GST 103 2 B 2×4=8
GST 105 2 B 2×4=8
POS 111 3 C 3×3=9
MCB 121 3 B 3×4=12
MAC 112 3 C 3×3=9
LBS 115 3 C 3×3=9
PSY 131 3   3×4=12
Total 21   77

To compute the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for a candidate at the end of the second semester, his total aggregate point for two semesters are added and divided by the total number of semester units taken during the academic year. Illustration below:

First Semester

Course Semester Units Grade Score Grade Point
GST 101 2 A 2×5=10
GST 103 2 A 2×5=10
GST 105 1 B 1×4=4
POS 111 2 F 2×0=0
MCB 121 3 D 3×2=6
MAC 112 2 C 2×3=6
Total 12   36

Second Semester

Course Semester Units Grade Score Grade Point
GST 101 2 A 2×5=10
GST 103 2 A 2×5=10
GST 105 3 C 3×3=9
POS 111 2 B 2×4=8
MAC 112 2 D 2×2=4
LBS 115 1 C 1×3=3
Total 12   44

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Classification of Degree

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) shall be used to classify Degrees as follows:

4.5 – 5.0                First Class (Hons)

3.5 – 4.49            Second Class (Hons), Upper Division (2.1)

2.40 – 3.39          Second Class (Hons), Lower Division (2.2)

1.50 – 2.39           Third Class (Hons)

1.00 – 1.49           Pass

0.00 – 0.99          Fail.

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