Did FG declare June 1, 2020, as resumption date for all schools?

Did FG declare June 1, 2020, as resumption date for all schools?

Did FG declare June 1, 2020, as resumption date for all schools?

On April 7, 2020, data verifiers from the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) spotted reports released by various online platforms claiming that the Nigerian Federal Government announced Monday, June 1, 2020, as the date of resumption for all schools in Nigeria.

After the coronavirus pandemic, the Nigerian federal government in March 2020 announced the closure of all schools in the country until further notice. The Federal Ministry of Education said the shutdown is part of the measures necessary to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A review of the news blogs shows the reports were based on the government launch deadline for the school closing in March 2020 as the basis for concluding that the schools will reopen on June 1, 2020. .

” We can remember that Mr. Sonny Echono, on behalf of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Adamu Adamu, ordered that the 104 Schools of Unity in the Country should close on March 26, 2020 or earlier for a month as a proactive measure. to contain the spread of the coronavirus also known as COVID-19 “, according to reports.

Our investigation revealed that none of the news sources cited who made the resume statement, as most of them used the image of President Muhammadu Buhari without claiming it.

The ministry, on April 23, 2020, reacted to rumors that schools will resume in November 2020 to discredit the stories. Subsequently, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, Minister of State for Education, gave a press conference in Abuja, stating that there is still no resumption date for schools.

Nwajiuba said: “The federal government is not ready to put children at risk by opening schools. “The president addressed the issue of opening up the economy gradually. Until that is done, we cannot immediately predict or tell you when all schools will reopen. ”

The state minister of education said it would be inappropriate for the federal government to give a definitive date for the resumption.

He said: “It has to be in conjunction with these initial terms. We do not want to put our children at risk. None of these schools can function on its own without society. ”

Furthermore, in the directive alleviating the total lockdown placed in Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, President Muhammadu Buhari said that schools across the country will remain closed for further evaluation, and encouraged school authorities to continue with e-learning and virtual teaching.

A review of the ministry’s official website and other online channels also shows that the ministry did not release the directives to schools as the reports claim.

Rather, the ministry, in response to our questions, posted a rebuttal on its official Facebook page. Read ‘FALSE NEWS ALERT !!!! Currently there is no confirmed date for the resumption of Schools nationwide. These are news articles to discourage the public. I kindly despise. ”

In the past 24 hours, Nigeria recorded 386 new cases of the virus, its highest number of people testing positive for the new Coronavirus since it was first detected in Nigeria in February.

The federal government has yet to set a definitive date for the opening of schools across the country. CDD urges parents, schools, and students to ignore the rumor that bloggers and social media distribute online.

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